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PGPEX (Post Graduate Programme for Executives) is IIM Calcutta's One Year Full Time Residential Programme meant for Executives with more than five years of professional experience. IIM Calcutta is the first management institute in the country to be Triple Crowned – to be accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS, i.e., accredited by all the three major accreditation agencies in the world for management education. Only 5 other business schools in Asia and 73 business schools around the world are currently ‘Triple Accredited’.

It provides mid-career professionals the ideal platform to augment their existing skill sets as they endeavour to armour themselves for senior and top management roles in the industry.

The management programme since its inception in 2006, has spawned alumni who have demonstrated excellence in the leadership positions that they have occupied in their organizations.

The Class comprises an eclectic mix of youth and experience. Under the able guidance of the country’s leading management faculty, a passion for continuous learning synergizes with experiences from diverse backgrounds to create an enriching learning environment.

Learning beyond the classroom is an equally important facet. While case discussions enrich the practical experience of unraveling real life business puzzles, informal discussions on varied topics from thoughtfully chosen adjunct readings broaden individual perspectives. The immersion programme helps future business leaders hone their skills while tackling real world challenges. Individuals also make time to participate in business case competitions, branding exercises and self-interest career advancement clubs.

It is this heady mix of fervour, idealism, experience and moderating values that catalyses the transformation of experienced professionals into dynamic ethical leaders. This indeed is the true objective of the PGPEX management programme.


Date for downloading Application Form and Brochure and Applying Online30th June, 2017 onward
Submission of duly completed application form1st July – 22nd October, 2017
Announcement of short-listed candidatesFirst week of November, 2017
Interview of short listed candidatesSecond week of November, 2017
(Tentatively November 11 to 14, 2017)
Announcement of selected candidatesLast week of November, 2017
Last date of acceptance and payment of 1st instalment feesSecond half of December 2017
Reporting date on Campus for Participants24th April, 2018
Registration for students – 12th Batch25th & 26th April, 2018
Commencement of the programme for the 12th Batch27th April, 2018

Hi Varun,

As an admit to IIM-C PGPex I can only provide my suggestion regarding IIM-C PGPex , however that should apply to any other IIMs if you wish to apply . So here goes my experience.

1) Since PGPex caters to experienced professionals and needs atleast 5 years of work experience as part of it's eligibility criteria therefore the adcoms look beyond your acads and GMAT scores. However, a good GMAT score , which is nearer to the school's avaerage which is currently 705 , would obviously enhance your chances for a shortlist. So, get in an get a decent GMAT score. Don't get too obsessive about the scores though.

2) As part of the application process there would be a SOP and essays to write. However, if you introspect and try to get answers primarily to these three questions then I believe any such essay will not pose a problem . The questions would be : Who are you a.k.a tell me something about yourself, What do you want a.k.a your short-term and long-term goals and How you wish to realize your goals a.k.a Why an MBA?

3) Since the pool of applicants are super competitive therefore during the interviews confidence and calmness plays a very important role. Trust me , a 10 min conversation is all the adcoms need to guage your suitability for the course so if you are confident and calm you might even end up not getting bamboozled with tangent questions such as what is the cube root of one or what is a reverse repo rate?

4) Having said that, i would also suggest to start reading as much as you can , about the course and the happenings around the world. It helps your confidence and arguments during the interview. For the notorious parts of the interview, do touch-base upon basic math and statistics as IIMs are known to ask such questions. I personally feel that such questions are asked to take you off-guard while the adcom observes how you react and recover from that situation , so keeping calm is very important.

Hope this helps. If you have any other queries please do ask them and we will be happy to help.. Good luck!!

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